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Untap Revenue Potential
in Digital Services

Driving new revenue streams for mobile operators and digital
merchants through premium content.

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Enkudo Opens a New Frontier for Your Business via Digital Services

You have got the power for your business to be more productive and lucrative. And you are in control of choosing the right business partners.
Enkudo helps you grow your business in mobile payments with no upfront investment.

Mobile Operators

Grow your digital services business through smooth integration with global merchants.

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Digital Merchants

Increase your reach and revenues in global markets by leveraging the marketing power of local telcos and payment processors.

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Payment Providers

Create sustainable new revenue streams through upsell and cross sell opportunities via bundling.

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Global Digital Services, Local User Experience

We overcome the local challenges of doing business in various markets via our partner network to provide a frictionless integration between telcos, digital merchants and payment providers. We ensure a top-notch user experience with a service mix crafted specifically for each market. The result is a unique business solution that drives sustainable revenue growth.

Become a Superstar
in Digital Services

Enkudo's highly scalable solution can be connected to your existing infrastructure with a smooth integration. With our short project delivery cycle, you will enjoy fast revenue generation without compromising on high security standards.

Explore New Growth
Opportunities with Enkudo

No Need for Upfront Investment with Revenue Sharing Model

Initiate lucrative digital services with a business budget in any size.

Enrich Your Offering with a Wide Variety of Services

Enhance your digital services portfolio in all categories to increase your user base.

Provide Local Services with a Global Perspective

Present digital content from around the globe in a localized package for strong user engagement.

Increase Subscriber Loyalty and Enhance User Experience

Create customer stickiness by bundling and co-marketing world-class digital content with your core offering.

Global Coverage

Go global easily with Enkudo. We have experience of doing business in
various regions of the world; even the toughest ones.

Ukraine Algeria Tunisia Palestine Azerbaijan Nigeria

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us

We are dedicated to drive growth for our customers. Find out what our customers say about our services.

lifecell - Busuu

Busuu™, award-winning language learning service, chose Enkudo to reach out to the mobile users of lifecell in Ukraine. In August 2020, Busuu service was commercially available via Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) for lifecell subscribers to enjoy a premium learning experience. Working together with lifecell Marketing team, Enkudo carried out marketing campaigns through legacy, social media and digital channels, created localized advertisements and landing pages in Ukranian, Russian and English languages.

“Enkudo’s high level of dedication and involvement, together with quick service launch, provide us with efficient partnership.”

Head of Consumer Product Management Unit

“Working with Enkudo has been delightful. The team is flexible and very easy to work with. The integration was smooth and they coordinated the local campaigns for Busuu. Enkudo provides insightful reports to keep us updated daily.”

Partnership Team

Built on Telco-Grade Telenity®
Digital Service Platform™

Enkudo’s service aggregation solution is running on the Digital Service Platform™ of
Telenity, a leading provider of services and solutions for the telecom industry worldwide.

High Scalability

Enkudo delivers a highly scalable solution that works in coordination with your existing infrastructure. It is deployed in a very short time with a frictionless and swift integration.

Azercell - BluTV

Together with Azerbaijan’s #1 mobile network operator Azercell, we successfully introduced Turkey’s best subscription video on demand service BluTV to Azercell subscribers in April 2020. The common language and the cultural heritage shared by Azercell’s subscriber base and BluTV’s content catalog yielded to the solid success of Turkish tv series and movies in Azerbaijan. Our localized landing page design has become a gateway for subscribers to enjoy this premium service.

“Enkudo is a preferred partner that we work with efficiently and effectively. Since the beginning of the project, they were fully engaged and they got the job done. On top of our successful BluTV integration, they brought us a broad portfolio of digital services to offer to our customer base.”

Head of Consumer

“Enkudo is a valued partner of BluTv. In addition to carrying BluTV to Asia and Middle East, they helped localizing the marketing and promotion of our service which eased the process of entering these new and challenging markets.”

Mustafa Alpay Güler
BluTV International Managing Director

Global Players Driving Growth with Enkudo

  • Azercell
  • blutv
  • Busuu
  • Forest Interactive
  • glo
  • lifecell
  • ooredoo
  • Playwing
  • C/dialogues
  • Collectcent
  • Gameloft
  • telecoming

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