Enkudo is Live at Ooredoo Palestine

June 7th, 2021

Palestine’s most trusted mobile network operator Ooredoo chooses Enkudo to introduce new premium digital services to its subscribers. As an agile and growing master aggregator, Enkudo successfully launched its first set of services with Ooredoo, with an aggressive plan to grow the operator’s digital business through new revenue streams.

“We have been partners with Telenity, the parent company of Enkudo, for more than 10 years. They provide high quality services, technology and support. This led to build very strong trust and make Enkudo one of the best options to develop our digital services and meet Palestine market needs through our digital partnership.” – Ooredoo Palestine VAS & Digital Partnership Supervisor

“Enkudo provides a rich portfolio of quality digital services that is relevant to the Palestinian market. We trustfully present Enkudo to the Palestinian mobile operators for the growth of their digital business.” – Qutaybah Khwayrah, Managing Director of Pillar Technologies

Visit www.enkudo.com to learn more about the benefits Enkudo provides to your business as a digital merchant, mobile operator or a payment provider.

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