Privacy Statement


Compliance Work for the Website on the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK)

Note 1: Users must be able to access the “Privacy Statement” text via the homepage. Therefore, the homepage must feature a link directing to the text below upon clicking the information section on the homepage.

Note 2: Clicking on “click” in the text below must redirect to the application form to the data controller. 

Privacy Statement on Personal Data Processed Upon Visiting Our Website

This Privacy Statement has been prepared by TELENİTY İLETİŞİM SİSTEMLERİ SAN. VE TİC.  VE TİC. A.Ş., in their capacity as the data controller, relevant legislation on protection of personal data. 

  1. Which of your personal data are processed by us?

The personal data processed upon visiting this website are as follows:

Data Categories Data Types
Transaction Security Data Website login-logout times, IP number, traffic data, mandatory cookie, geo-location cookie, personalization cookie, analysis cookie, advertising cookie, behavioral advertising cookie data (detailed information and explanation regarding cookies can be reached from our Cookie Policy)
Marketing Data Data gathered through functional and analytical cookies allowed by the user
  1. Why do we process your personal data?

Your personal data is processed for the purpose of (i) analyzing our website and rendering it more sufficient and more user friendly, (ii) conducting communication processes, (iii) conducting business activities, (iv) conducting activities for Customer Satisfaction, (v) conducting, marketing, promotion and advertising processes, (vi) conducting service providing processes, (vii) conducting marketing analysis studies and (vi) providing information to comply with the requests and supervision of regulatory and supervisory bodies and authorities to fulfill judicial obligations required by legal regulations.   

  1. Which method do we use for processing your personal data and which legal reasons serve as a basis for their collection?

We process your personal data automatically via cookies and similar technologies.

Your transaction security data (as defined hereinabove) is processed on the legal ground of (i) being mandatory for our legitimate interests” and (ii) “being mandatory to fulfill the legal obligation as data controller”. 

Your marketing data may only be in the presence of your explicit consent. 

  1. To whom and for which purpose do we transfer your personal data?

Your personal data may be transferred for the abovementioned reasons to; 

  •  Judicial bodies and respective law enforcement agencies to remedy legal disputes or upon request as per the respective legislation,
  • Our service providers who provide telecommunication, electronic commerce support services, archive, server, data bank, data center, cloud services which may keep their servers abroad, 
  • Intermediary organizations and operators that provide the service of sending electronic commercial messages and the Message Management System (İYS),
  • Our legal consultants and our auditors,
  • All legally authorized public institutions and authorized private persons including but not limited to ministries, trade registry offices, tax offices, notaries, courts, prosecutors’ offices, law enforcement agencies.
  1. What are your rights concerning the processing of your personal data and how can you have access to those rights?

You are entitled to (i) learn if personal data is processed, (ii) request information on the processing of personal data, if any, (iii) learn the purpose of processing personal data and if they were processed according to such purposes, (iv) learn domestic and international third parties that personal data is transferred to, (v) request the correction of any personal data not processed accurately or completely and to request the notification of such corrections to any third parties receiving such data, (vi) request the deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data originally processed in accordance with the law, but are no longer required to be processed, and to notify any third parties receiving such data of deletion, destruction or anonymization, (vii) object to any detrimental effect due to the exclusively automated processing of data, (viii) request compensation for any damage resulting from the unlawful processing of personal data. 

Please address all inquiries on the rights of individuals to Telenity İletişim Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.’s address of Yeşilköy SB Mah. A-Blok Sok. No:1/57 Bakırköy Istanbul in written form or to by e-mail or using any other methods stipulated in the Communique on Application Procedures and Principles to Data Controllers.

An application form is available on our website to provide information and faciliate the application process. Click to view the form.